Your Peabody MA Locksmith Is Busting Smart Lock Myths!

If you’ve been considering getting a Smart Lock for your home or office, you’ve probably heard a lot of nay-sayers list of reasons why you shouldn’t. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding keyless locks. As a locksmith in Peabody, MA, we’ve heard it all at Hayden Safe & Lock. we think your locks and security measures should work for you and that you should have accurate information before you make your choice.


Here are four of the most common myths surrounding Smart Locks and why they just aren’t true.


They fail if the power or Wi-Fi goes out.

Relying on anything electronic for your security feels like a risk because of the possibility of a power outage. But you don’t actually have to worry about that because Smart Locks run on batteries. All keyless locks are either battery-powered or have battery backups if they are wired. But what if you unlock your Smart Lock with your phone and the Wi-Fi is out? There are fail-safes for that, too. There are multiple methods to unlock the door, including RFID access cards, a PIN code, fingerprint scan, Bluetooth access, and mechanical key override.


I’m locked out if I lose my phone.

Lose your phone? Not to worry! You can use the same methods that you would use if your Wi-Fi goes down. Plus, if you don’t find your phone again or it was stone, you can log into your account on another device and revoke the missing phone’s access.


Someone will be able to guess my code.

People think that someone will be able to guess their PIN code because the numbers will wear off on the buttons you press repeatedly. This only happens in the movies. The keypads on Smart Locks are fingerprint and water-resistant, so you won’t leave any clues behind. If someone just tried to guess your 4-digit code, it would take them about 10 hours to guess all of the 10,000 possible combinations. They’ll be noticed before they find the right one. But if you want to be extra-secure, pick a longer code. If you pick a 9-digit PIN, there are 3 million possible combinations!


They’re complicated and hard to use.

They are actually incredibly simple, which is why so many people like them. But if you need some assistance with the initial setup, your Peabody, MA, locksmith will be happy to help!


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