As much as homes and other living spaces need security, it’s just as important to en-sure spaces utilized by the public on a consistent basis are taken care of as well. Schools, stores, and more need security so their goods, personnel, and private infor-mation stay protected and in good condition. That’s where we come in.

Hayden Safe & Lock can assess, repair, and maintain locks for a variety of spaces, and we have plenty of expertise keeping commercial sites safe. From schools to banks, we’ve done it all.

We offer the same services for commercial spaces as we do residential, for the most part. Lock maintenance, installation, key cutting services, and more are all available for commercial space owners to invest in. Your public space will be that much safer, and you won’t have to give a second thought to the state of your products - or the safety of anyone who enters the building.

We Treat Businesses
Like Family

Business Like Family

Commercial spaces are used by many people at a time. The need for quality security and lock systems cannot be understated. From schools to banks, our team has done it all, and we will treat the space like it’s your home with the care and precision it deserves.

Experience You Require
From People You Can Trust

People You Can Trust

Our team has worked hard over 100 years to devise custom lock solutions that won’t break the bank. We will keep you safe, secure, and at ease with our innovative technology and attention to detail. Given our extensive experience in the industry, there isn’t a lock that we can’t fix!

Look to us for all your locksmith needs

We're more than happy to apply our century's worth of knowledge to help solve your problems. You can also come to our shop for immediate help.