What It Takes to Become a Master Locksmith in Methuen MA

If you’ve ever considered becoming a master locksmith in Methuen, MA, or other towns, then this article is for you! Here at Hayden Safe and Lock, our team has been keeping people safe for over a century. However, the skill wasn’t handed to us. This article will cover a few of the elements needed in order to become a genuine master locksmith.


State Regulations

Each state, like everything, has its own guidelines in place mandating the requirements to gain specific certifications. This is no different when it concerns master locksmith certification. However, when it involves Massachusetts, we’re one of the 15 states that do not require certification. Thus, it is extremely important for consumers to conduct their research before calling their local locksmith. Although it is not required, several locksmiths throughout the state have dedicated their time and effort to go through the proper training and can provide you with proof of certification.


Licensing Criteria

In several states, locksmiths are required to obtain licensing through their jurisdiction. This entails criminal background checks, competency qualifications, as well as written and practical testing.



As with many trades, locksmiths are required to undergo a period of apprenticeship training. After the training, they can move on to be a locksmith, then later down their journey to become a master locksmith.

By engaging in an apprenticeship role, you’ve enabled yourself with a hands-on experience dealing in real-life situations. You will be partnered with a master locksmith in order to receive the guidance necessary to become fully prepared to go out on your own. The average time for apprenticeship is two years but can vary.



Although Massachusetts does not require certifications, it’s always recommended. One of the most convenient ways to obtain certification is through online training. With places like the Associated Locksmith of America (ALOA), you can have access to classes and certification exams within the comfort of your own home.


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By taking the time to obtain certification to be a master locksmith in Methuen, MA, or surrounding areas, you are establishing a secure career for years ahead. Here at Hayden Safe and Lock, our team of licensed professionals has all taken the time to learn the right way. For expert locksmith services, call us today at 978.744.0988.



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