Is It Time To Upgrade To A Smart Lock?


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As technology advances, there are new and exciting products on the market every day. But have you ever wondered whether smart locks, also known as keyless locks, are a reliable and safe option? As a professional locksmith in Wakefield, MA, we understand that keeping your home safe is a top priority. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that no one has access to your precious space! Here at Hayden Safe & Lock, we want to make things easier for you. So let’s talk about smart locks and whether installing one is the right choice for you!


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What are smart or keyless locks?


First of all, a smart lock is a device that can be controlled from an app on your phone. If it has Wi-fi capabilities, with only the touch of a button, the door can be unlocked from anywhere! Does that sound scary to you? Well, there are also Bluetooth versions available. Smart locks that use Bluetooth can only be opened when someone with phone access is close by. Thus, they can be a popular option.


What’s the appeal?


Are you wondering why someone would be interested in a lock like that? Well, there are a few popular reasons that make keyless locks helpful! Now, if you forget your keys or have a roommate who got locked out, they can easily get inside without assistance. As long as you have your phone (which most people carry everywhere!), you can get inside your residence.


How are they installed?


A smart lock will attach to the exiting designated lock space on a doo like any other standard lock. Although, some smart locks replace the deadbolt, whereas others do not. Installation can take anywhere from only 10 minutes to 30 minutes. If you are considered changing to a keyless entry system, call your local locksmith in Wakefield, MA! We know how to install the system so you won’t have to worry about it.


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As new cutting-edge technology is put on the market, we make sure that we are ready to help you understand it! We’re the expert locksmiths in Wakefield, MA. So, next time you need help, contact Hayden Safe & Lock at 978-744-0988.

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