Choosing the Right Window Lock

It’s true. While most people thinking of window locks as a universal mechanism, there are actually several different types of locks. As the premier locksmith in Lynn, MA, our team at Hayden Safe & Lock knows more than the next that locks are not a one size fits all solution. Sure, every home, business, school, vehicle, and so on needs a lock, but how do you choose the type that is best for your needs?


Window Latch

The most common type of window lock is the latch. Found on the majority of single or double hung windows, window latches are simple and affordable. Located on the top of the bottom pane, a window latch uses a turn method to secure both panes when closed. When unlatched, double hung windows can open from both top and bottom.


Keyed Locks

Often paired with a window latch, a keyed lock works with both double hung and sliding windows. Installed to the side, this type of lock provides an added layer of protection. As the name implies, a keyed lock can only be locked and unlocked using a key. So, as you can imagine, if your becomes lost, you’ll find yourself calling your trusted locksmith in Lynn, MA!


Child Safety

Chances are, you’ve heard of a child safety lock. However, this is a broad category encompassing a wide range of safety products. When it comes to child safety locks for your windows, they work best with double hung and sliding styles. Designed with the intent to keep children in and safe, this type of lock is not the best choice when focusing on keeping intruders out. Most child safety locks allow the window to open approximately 3 to 5 inches. This allows fresh air to enter while preventing children from falling out.


Swivel Action

Another common, modern, window lock is the swivel action lock. As a self-locking mechanism, swivel action locks turn left to right releasing the bond once closed.


Sliding Locks

If a home invasion is your primary concern, this primitive lock is the one for you. Highly effective, sliding locks can only be used for, you guessed it, sliding windows and patio doors. Sliding locks are placed in the track when the windows are closed. To open the window, remove the lock – simplicity at its best.


Although there are several other types of window locks, as the go-to locksmith in Lynn, MA, we can tell you that these types are the most common. For more information on increasing your window security with premium locking options, contact our team today at (978) 744-0988.

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