Top 4 Tips On Caring for Your Antique Master Locks

Locks are part of everyone’s world. Whether it’s your home lock, vehicle lock, safe, or workplace lockers, locks are everywhere. Even though locks play such an integral part of our world, they are often ignored or neglected. With routine care and maintenance, especially with antique master locks, you can easily extend the lifetime of your locks. Here at Hayden Safe and Lock, we love locks. This article will guide you through the top ways to can keep your lock operating at the safest levels.



Dust Removal

An area that many homeowners overlook with their locks, especially old ones, is dust. By blowing the dust out of lock’s keyholes with pressurized air, you can easily ensure optimal operation. So, next time you’re in the midst of housecleaning, remember that dusting your locks is just as important as your shelves!



Lubricate Your Locks

Lock lubrication is another excellent way to add to the overall life of your antique master locks and should be done annually. Over the counter products such as WD-40 work exceptionally well. However, if you attempt to create an at-home DIY lubricant, there’s one thing to remember. Avoid household oils. This type of oil will attract dirt and gum up your lock over time.



Check the Screws

Ensuring that screws are tight and in place is an essential routine maintenance check. This fact applies not only to the locking mechanism but the door hinges. A sagging door will eventually throw off the effectiveness of lock, and could even result in lock replacement.



Duplicate the Keys

If you haven’t already done so, making a duplicate key is a must-do for any lock. Over time, keys wear out. By having a backup, you’ll avoid the struggle of jamming a no longer working key into your locks. An action that could cause severe damage to your mechanism.


antique master locks

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