Is It Time to Replace Your Locks?


As we know, the primary purpose of a lock or safety system is to keep you and your belonging safe and secure. Although it’s pretty apparent when locks don’t work, and it can be hard to discern why they aren’t up to code. Safety is paramount, so knowing the signs of an unsafe lock will help you stay secure and keep everything intact. The signs below are sure indicators that it’s time to contact a locksmith in Lynn, MA, like our team at Hayden Safe & Lock!

1. Entering the property seems almost too easy

A lock doesn’t have to have a super-secret passcode or retinal scanner to be safe. In fact, the middle of the road is more than sufficient for the average property.  Although the bells and whistles are nice, sometimes they’re not in the budget, and that is okay! However, when choosing a more basic model, it’s imperative to research the brand. Some hardware can be flimsy enough to allow easy access to your home or business.

At the first signs of entry with a little nudging or amateur lock picking, it’s time to reassess your locks.


2.  Does your trusted locksmith in Lynn, MA, endorse the brand?

If you have any doubts regarding the reliability of your lock’s brand, do your research! One of the best ways to determine whether or not the brand is trustworthy is to reach out to a trusted professional locksmith company. However, with the myriad of available online resources, you can also do a little research on your own. Search reliable sites with honest customer reviews.


3. The components are loose

A stable, comfortable fit is go-to for your locks. They should fit into your door frame and other pieces, but should not be loose or placed incorrectly. A poor fit can cause plenty of trouble down the road. So, making sure your measurements are precise, and that you know what will fit well before buying a new lock is essential.


With these signs, you’ll have an idea of how secure and efficient your lock system is. If you have any questions about your current lock setup or want to purchase hardware, call Hayden Safe & Lock at (978)-744-0988 and see what a locksmith in Lynn, MA can do for you today!


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