The Best Ways to Increase Security at Rental Properties

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If you are a renter, you know how overwhelming it can be to move into a new place. With a brief tour and a few signatures, you’re moving your life into a new location and hoping the owners have done their due diligence. This feeling is even true when renting vacation homes! As the premier locksmith in Ipswich, MA, our team at Hayden Safe and Lock is here to help. With the following steps, you (the property owner) can bring peace of mind to your renters by taking the highest measures to ensure their safety.


Secure the entrance to the building

Depending on the property, securing the entrance would take on various meanings. For instance, several apartments and townhome communities are gated. To enter the property, one must provide an access pin, biometric data, or a swipe card to open the gate. However, these communities are often open to whoever passes. In this instance, having the best available security on the building becomes imperative.


Add surveillance

Almost always, video surveillance is in use. Whether it’s a private or community setting in question, having video surveillance provides peace of mind not only to the person renting but also to the owner. However, if you’re the owner, it’s crucial to become familiar with privacy laws to ensure you don’t overstep boundaries.


Upgrade the door locks to the most recent offerings and technologies

What once was the greatest may not be any longer. Technology is a continuously moving element in the locksmithing world. So, even though you once swore by the trusted front door lock, there may be better options now available. Besides, upgrading your locks also eliminates loose and worn pieces from dislodging and dismissing entry. Check out our previous article for tips on choosing the best lock for your home.


Choose the best window locks

Finally, you also want to consider the type of window locks you are using. Even with the biggest and best door locks, if your windows are left vulnerable, thieves can enter. Window locks are not a one size fits all solution, and choosing the right window lock takes a little bit of knowledge!



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Whether you are renting a new home or vacation place, knowing measures are in place for your safety brings peace of mind. So, as a property owner, it’s time to consider calling the best locksmith in Ipswich, MA – Hayden Safe and Lock. For over a century, we’ve helped owners secure their homes with the best available locks on the market. For more expert advice from a team you can trust, contact Hayden Safe and Lock today at (978) 744-0988.

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