Are You Considering Moving to Smart Lock Technology?

As your trusted locksmith in Lynn, MA, the team at Hayden Safe and Lock has seen an increasing interest in smart technology from our customers. From doorbell cameras to remotely controlled thermostats, our society is moving into a new era. However, one area that we want to touch upon a bit more is smart door locks. This article will cover a few areas of consideration to keep in mind before making the switch.

Fairly new technology

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart locks have only been available for a few years now. However, with all of the recent hype and glamourous advertisements, homeowners are beginning to consider making the switch. Sure, we see the appeal behind the doorbell camera, but taking your home’s security to the next level is another matter. As with any new technology, products at the beginning of their life are open to flaws. With age, comes perfection.

What happens when the Wi-Fi goes out?

Here in New England, losing power is not an uncommon occurrence. Whether you’re dealing with summertime hurricane storms or winter blizzards, when your power goes out, your Wi-Fi connection does as well. So, what does this mean for your smart home? Put simply, it’s not so smart anymore. While some items may continue to function, others, such as cameras, become useless during this time.

With smart locks, the capabilities of the lock during the power outage depend on the brand of lock. However, most locks will lose their functionality and resort to a battery backup. Thus, frequent battery checks are a crucial part of owning one of these mechanisms.

For more information on which lock is right for your requirements, contact your locksmith in Lynn, MA, Hayden Safe and Lock. Our team is compromised of highly-qualified experts that can help answer any questions you may have. We’ll not only provide you with answers but also with peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving qualified, honest advice from a team that cares. Contact us today at (978)744-0988.

We leave you with this thought on Wi-Fi home locks, choosing the right type of lock can be overwhelming. Thus, always ask yourself, “will this lock be secure enough for the given situation?”

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