The Ultimate Debate: Should You Lock Your Vehicle’s Doors?

There’s a lot of wind lately around locking your vehicle’s door. Is it worth it? Will locking the doors protect your belongings? As the top locksmith in Saugus, MA, our team at Hayden Safe & Lock is here to give you our take on the debate. In a nutshell, yes, we believe that using your locks are one of the many precautionary elements and methods that should be instilled into everyone’s routine.  Here is why:



One of the most obvious reasons for locking your vehicle’s doors is to reduce the chances of theft. While people argue whether or not this method truly works, a recent scholar has proven it does. According to Rick Brown, 15 out of 16 studies across the world, including the United States, conclude that locking does indeed reduce vehicle theft.

It’s important to note that many studies were conducted within cities where vehicles are in close proximity to one another. Thus, a possible thief would have options, moving to a nearby unlocked vehicle over one that was protected. Another interesting spin on the debate comes from arguing what’s inside of the vehicle.

While radios were a target of the past, the black market is now paying top dollar for items such as airbags and high-quality seats. This mere fact shows that, even if you believe you’re leaving nothing of value in your unlocked car, someone always sees things from another angle.


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On the flip side, locking your doors while inside the vehicle is also a recommended practice. By doing so, carjackings and kidnapping occurrences may be reduced. If a potential threat approaches you while you’re inside of a vehicle, your chances of remaining unharmed are much higher with locked doors. Be aware of your surroundings, especially when it’s dark outside.


At Hayden Safe & Lock, our team has the industry knowledge, expertise, and tools you need for peace of mind. As the top locksmith in Saugus, MA, we’re here to assist with all of your vehicle locking needs. From lock maintenance to repairs, key cutting to lock lubrication, you can have confidence that your vehicle is protected.

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