Should Homeowners Rekey or Replace Locks?

If you’ve ever purchased your own home, you know that one of the peak moments of excitement is when the keys are exchanged from one hand into your own. It’s the moment of officialness. The home is now yours to enter whenever you’d like. However, what many people often overlook is the risk behind those set of keys. As your local locksmith in Lawrence, MA, the team at Hayden Safe and Lock, has seen it all. We hope homeowners, new and old, find this article helpful.


Replace the locks

One of the first investments you should make when purchasing a new home is within your locking system. Your locksmith in Lawrence, MA, and surrounding areas can ensure the keys in your hand have been the only hand. Not knowing how many homeowners were previous in your new residence poses a huge risk to your belonging and safety. There could be countless copies of master keys floating around that you will never get back into your own hands.


Rekeying is an option

If changing out the locks seems a bit much; you can rekey the current locks with the professional assistance of a locksmith. Rekeying a lock will not interfere with the security of the existing lock. This process will take apart the current locks and replace the tumblers, or key pins, with new ones. Thus, old keys will no longer function.


Which option is best for me?

Whether you choose to rekey the current locks or replace them all, the outcome will be the same. Rekeying is typically the most budget-friendly option between the two. Mostly utilized when purchasing a new home, or unifying separate locks to a single key, rekeying is an effective and relatively simple procedure.

However, if changing out the locks completely is what puts you at ease, this can be done too! The most common reason to entirely replace your home locks is an upgrade in security, a change of color and design is desired, or if you want all the same brand throughout your home.


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If you’ve recently purchased a home, it may be time to call your locksmith in Lawrence, MA, Hayden Safe and Lock. Our team will perform the services your home requires to ensure the utmost safety. Even if you’ve been in your home for several years and many copies are floating around, rekeying is an excellent option. Give us a call today and see how it easy it can be to secure your home 978.744.0988

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