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Despite over 2.5 million burglaries occurring in the United States every year, less than half of Americans have a home security system installed in their homes. Two-thirds of thieves enter homes through the front or back doors. Is your home security up to the test?


If you don’t have a security camera or lock system installed, you’re potentially leaving the whole home open to thieves and property damage. It’s time to call your local Medeco dealer, Hayden Safe & Lock. Today, we’re talking about how Medeco locks are the most reliable way to protect you, your family, and your valuables from intruders.


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Trusted Medeco Dealer


So, you want reliable locks. So do we! That’s why we’re a registered Medeco dealer. Medeco has been the industry leader in quality and innovation for over 50 years. They protect United States government installations, schools, universities, and banks across the country.




With so many years of experience in the industry, Medeco locks take home security to the next level. Here’s how they do it. The Medeco 4 lock protects against drills, door breakdowns, 3D printed keys, and unauthorized key duplication. Let’s dive into the specifics. 


  • Key Duplication Only authorized Medeco dealers can duplicate keys.
  • 3D Printing Internal lock elements deter 3D printed copies of keys.
  • Special Cut Angles Special key cut prevents unauthorized duplicate keys.
  • Physical Attacks The lock can protect against drills, lock picking, and other physical attacks.


So, it’s pretty easy to see why these locks are the industry’s favorite when it comes to home security!


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Medeco – Home Installation


It’s easy to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home. Over 80% of burglars check for a home security system before attempting to break in. All it takes is a little deterrent! Of course, if someone truly wants to find a way into your home, a home security system isn’t going to stop them. But you’ll be statistically less likely to be their target.


Hayden Safe & Lock is a trusted Medeco dealer, meaning we can help install the extra high-security protection that you need. Our team will come to your house and assess what the next step for home security is. We have plenty of experience working with a variety of different systems, so don’t worry! We’ll be able to help. Call us today at 978-744-0988.

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