We Go Beyond Fixing Locks and Keys

As a safe and lock company, Hayden Safe & Lock understands how complicated and important the security industry is. Though a bulk of our work falls under the locksmith category, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to work beyond standard fixes. For optimal safety, the best approach is going beyond fixing locks and keys and becoming well-versed in more security features.



Master Lock System Access

It can be difficult to remember everything, especially if you have plenty of keys and combinations to take with you every day. That’s why our keyless master lock systems are always accessible from our end. If you’re ever stuck and need a combination or anything else to access an area, we’ll pull the system up on our computers and find the exact information you need to bring you from Point A to Point B.




Safes are another great option for storing belongings and keeping them safe. That’s why we’re proud to offer them in addition to our locksmith services. Our selection has plenty of choices. Our safes include everything from concealed wall safes to residential floor safes. Ask us about our stock today and keep your belongings even more secure.



Experts in Various Spaces

Some locksmiths are well-versed in residential spaces. Others are in commercial areas. Hayden Safe & Lock’s staff is part of a safe and lock company that has the expertise and tools to service several types of spaces. We have worked with residential, commercial, and industrial locks. Consider us your go-to, one-stop place for all of your locksmith needs.

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