Most Common Locksmith Scams of 2019

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we must always be on guard.  Scammers are vast, and they are everywhere.  The locksmith industry is no exception.  Whether you’re locked out of your car or looking to increase your home’s security, knowing the most common scams will enable you to recognize a scam should one be presented.  With over one hundred years of service and security to the North Shore area, the team at Hayden Safe & Lock takes pride in the protection they bring to their customers.  Hence, this helpful list of common scams to remember when looking for a locksmith in Lawrence, MA, and surrounding areas.


Ask for an estimate

Before a locksmith arrives at your property, be sure to ask for a quote over the phone.  Although you may not be able to obtain an exact amount, a reputable company should be able to provide you with a general idea of the cost.  Then, once your locksmith is on-site and performs the work, if asked for a much higher amount then the original quote, you know you may be dealing with a scammer.  However, the best idea is to ask your locksmith for an on-site quote before any services are rendered.  Remember, if in doubt, you can always call the company back from your phone.


Multiple payment methods

Cash only businesses typically tend to be a huge red flag.  By accepting only cash, you are removing any paper trail that may be useful in the future.  For example, if you need to dispute a service and have no paper record of payment, you may be dealing with a lost cause.  Similarly, if dealing in only cash, you may find that you’re dealing with a company that is not registered at all.


Ask for identification

One of the best ways to safeguard yourself and your property is to ask for identification.  However, this requires doing your research.  Be sure to know the company’s logo and other pieces of information that can help you to recognize a false employee.  Again, when in doubt, call the company.


Often when in need of a locksmith, you’re in an emergency situation.  Scammers recognize this fact, which makes the industry extremely vulnerable.  However, if adequately prepared for situations that may, or may not, happen, you can ensure a legit transaction. 

For a trusted locksmith in Lawrence, MA, and surrounding areas, call Hayden Safe & Lock for all of your locksmith needs.  Better yet, program our number into your phone (978) 744-0988! Specializing in both commercial and residential, we’re available for emergencies calls as well as routine maintenance.  Visit us online to learn more about our company and why we’ve been the number one trusted locksmith for decades.



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