How A Medeco Lock Dealer Can Make Your School a Safer

As a school administrator in a world filled with uncertainties, security is one of the most focused elements. Regardless of the size of your campus, Medeco has the solutions to ensure your facilities are some of the safest. Providing staff and students with necessary security measures will bring peace of mind to all.  Consider your local Medeco lock dealer, Hayden Safe and Lock, in your research for campus security updates.


Access tracking technologies

One of the most significant measures of security you can provide your campus is full control of entry.  With Medeco, you’ll be empowered to decide who can access which areas. With features such as time and date stamped records of events, reports of authorized accesses, and unauthorized attempts, you’ll have the information you need to make future decisions for your campus.

Furthermore, schools are enabled to monitor sensitive, regulated areas effectively. A few of these areas may include medical records, academic files, and government mandated testing materials. With Medeco locking systems, you’re empowered the security these areas require. As an administrator, you can set parameters to who is allowed access to these sensitive pieces of information, while denying access to nonessential personal.


Safeguards sensitive and expensive equipment

Science and computer labs are two of the most expensive and potentially dangerous areas if their safety is compromised. For example, let’s consider your computer lab. This area is filled to the brim with the latest technologies. An unauthorized entrance resulting in vandalism could cost your school thousands of dollars while setting your students back as they wait for the equipment to be replaced.

Likewise, science labs pose an intimate danger. Chemical spills, improper mixing, and so on can lead to extensive damages. As well as put students and staff at risk.


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Medeco offers the perfect combination of high security mechanical and Intelligent Key solutions to meet the multi-faceted needs of education campuses of all sizes. For more information, contact the team at Hayden Safe and Lock. As an authorized Medco lock dealer, our team of experts can help you decide which product will suit the needs of your campus.

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