Lock Scammers and How To Avoid Them

While investing in home protection, it is always imperative that you take necessary precautions. The safety of you, your loved ones, and pets has no price. Sadly, there are many people out there who prey on these emotions and insecurities while trying to make some money out of it. When it comes to home security, it is wise to look out for MA locksmith scammers. Although someone may claim to be a locksmith, and they may seem to be knowledgeable, they could be a scammer.

To separate genuine professionals from pretenders, bear these concepts in mind:

  • Ask For Credentials

    Any company that performs a specialized service worth its salt has plenty of paperwork to back up their experience. Ask to see what licenses and credentials the locksmith carries. If they have no certification to demonstrate their knowledge, they are probably not the real deal.


  • Pay Upon Completion

    Although rule of thumb is that if someone tries to take your money before performing a service, run the other way. It is only fair that the service is provided before you surrender any money to them. Scammers are only looking to make a quick buck, so they do not care about the end goal. It is all about the here and now, which is why they would insist on payment upfront.  If you do, we promise the chances of receiving the work you’ve been promised are slim to none.


  • Observe Body Language

    While a majority of us are not psychologists or body language experts, we can still pick up on cues. Being mindful of shifty, nervous body language will enable you a better position on the individual you’re dealing with. If they seem anything other than professional or helpful, their intentions may not be pure. Of course, initials impressions can be wrong, so bear that in mind as well.  However, always trust your gut.


With these few tips, hopefully, you can pick out the MA locksmith scammers from the rest of the pack. Here at Hayden Safe & Lock, we’ve built our industry repuation on trust and honesty. Our team of licensed professionals will always provide the best lock services for your dollar. To learn more about our expert services, please contact us today at (978)-744-0988!

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