4 More Common Security Mistakes

In our last post, we covered some common mistakes people make regarding the security of their homes and businesses. While everything on that list is important, there are still more things you need to look out for. As an MA locksmith, our job at Hayden Safe & Lock is to help you keep your home or business safe and secure and to do that, we need to be thorough. To that end, we want to add a few more items to our list of common security mistakes.


Here are four more common security mistakes that our team encounters in their work as a locksmith in MA.


Not Securing Valuables in a Safe

Leaving valuable possessions, important documents, or sensitive data unprotected can have devastating consequences. Invest in a quality safe to secure your valuables against theft, fire, and water damage. Choose a safe that suits your needs, whether it’s a small personal safe or a larger, commercial-grade model for business use. More often than not, thieves want to get in and out quickly, so the more obstacles you can put between them and your valuables, the better.


No Security Cameras or Inadequate Surveillance

The absence of security cameras or insufficient surveillance coverage can leave you blind to potential threats. Invest in a comprehensive security camera system to monitor both the exterior and interior of your property. Modern cameras with remote access features provide real-time monitoring and peace of mind. Even if the person who broke into or attempted to break into your property gets away, you have a better chance of catching them because you have them on video.


Lack of Employee Training

For businesses, neglecting to provide comprehensive security training to employees can lead to security breaches and vulnerabilities. Educate your staff about security protocols, access control procedures, and the importance of reporting any suspicious activities promptly. If you handle sensitive information, ensure that your employees know when they are allowed to access and release that information and to whom.


Disregarding Emergency Preparedness

Failing to have a well-defined emergency plan can exacerbate the impact of security incidents. Create and communicate clear emergency protocols for your family or employees, including procedures for evacuations, medical emergencies, and lockdowns. In this part of the country, catastrophic weather isn’t common, but it’s not unheard of. There are other emergency situations that can arise, so your plan needs to be clear and written down so that everyone can find it.


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Stay Safe and Secure with Your MA Locksmith

The security of your home or business is important, which is why you need a great MA locksmith. Our team at Hayden Safe & Lock can advise you on best security practices and which products best fit your needs.


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