Lost Combination? Tips for Recovery from your Locksmith in Lynn MA

At some point, you have probably come across a locked combination lock. Soon after, you may find yourself trying to think of what and where the combination might be, and who else may have the combination. After a while of thinking, it might be time to reconsider your options. Make sure that one of your first options is to call Hayden Safe and Lock, your go-to locksmith in Lynn MA. However, if you are feeling up to the challenge of figuring out the lock yourself, here are a couple of tips on recovering a lost combination. 


Know your Lock

Every lock has different parts and sticking points that you will need to be familiar with when trying to solve a combination. If you apply slight pressure to the lock, you might have a good chance of finding the sticking points better. Remember that using too much pressure will make the lock work against you. Not enough pressure will allow the lock to spin freely. 


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Figuring out the numbers.

To find the numbers on the combination lock, you will need the right setting. Trying to open a combination lock may require a quiet environment as you will need to listen for a click after landing on the right number. In addition, you will need a sense of touch as well as this will be the only tool you may have to work with. A good rule of thumb for this is that if the click happens between two numbers, your best option is to go with the higher of the two. Once you find the first number, add a five to that number, and you will have your first number of the combination. This then makes that number your starting point. 


The last number.

There are a couple of different ways to discover the last number of a combination sequence. The most apparent way is to continue with the method that is mentioned above. But, this may take some time, and you will need to be prepared for that. Another way to do this is to make a mental note of the numbers where some wiggle room occurs. If you lock moves between the numbers 10 and 12, write down 11. 


Visit your Go-To Locksmith in Lynn MA

Don’t worry if you are still having trouble figuring out the combination to your lock. Save the stress and come down to see us at Hayden Safe and Lock. For over a century, we have been the go-to shop for situations such as these. A local locksmith in Lynn, MA, will be here to help you with anything that you might find yourself needing. 


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