Locksmith Wilmington MA: How to Choose the Best Safe

When it comes to securing their property and valuables, smart homeowners and business owners use more than just one layer of protection. It’s important to have sturdy locks and a good security system, but there are some things that need to be further protected, even within that ring of security. That’s why we have safes. But not every safe is right for every home or business. At a locksmith in Wilmington, MA, every type of security is our priority at Hayden Safe & Lock.

Need a new safe? Answer these questions to choose the best one for your home or business.


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What’s in it?

The first thing to figure out is what you are going to keep in your safe. If you’re buying a safe for your home, you most likely need to protect important documents related to your property and family. When securing paper and documents, it’s important to buy a safe that is fireproof. In the event of a fire, you won’t have time to open the safe and retrieve your documents. But if they are in a fireproof safe, you won’t have to worry about them being destroyed.

For a business, you are more likely to keep things like cash and valuables in your safe. In that case, you want to make sure that it is big enough to hold things like register drawers and has a secure space to hold deposits.


Where do you keep it?

Where you keep your safe will also determine what features you need from it. If the safe is for your home, do you keep it hidden in a closet, or is it visible in a bedroom or office? If you keep your safe in your attic or basement, you should also consider getting a waterproof model in case of flooding or storm damage.


Who needs to access it?

The last question to consider is how many people need to access your safe. If only one or two people need to get into the safe, you might decide that a mechanical lock with a key or combination is good enough. With a mechanical lock, you don’t have to worry about learning to use it or remembering to replace the battery. However, if multiple people need to access the safe, an electronic lock provides more security because each user can have their own code.


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