Locksmith Methuen MA: Benefits of Keyless Entry

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Are you worried about locking yourself out of the house but uncomfortable with hiding a spare key? If forgetting your keys is something you worry about, keyless entry is the solution. Rather than having to carry keys around—and possibly run the risk of losing them—you only have to remember a code or password. At Hayden Safe & Lock, we offer several keyless entry products. Here are some benefits of keyless entry from your locksmith in Methuen, MA.


No key, no problem.

Everyone has a lot on their mind these days. The less you have to remember to do every day, the better. With keyless entry, remembering your house keys is one thing you can take off your list. We’ll replace your traditional door lock with a keypad or touchscreen. Keyless entry is a lifesaver if your hands are too full to fumble around in your pockets. When you need to get inside, just key in the code and, presto! You’re in.


One less thing to lose.

If you have kids, you worry about their safety, too. As your kids get older and more independent, they start to come and go without you. If your family members are in and out of the house at different times, you can lose track of who has keys. You can make a key for every member of your family, or you can install a keypad and forgo keys altogether. Your teenager can’t lose his key if he never had one in the first place, right?

Having keyless entry installed by a locksmith in Methuen, MA, can help out your extended family, too. If your visiting relatives roll into town while you’re at work, you can give them the code so they can let themselves in. On the flip side, it’s easy to reduce the number of people who have access to your home. Have you lost track of who has your front door code? Reprogramming a keyless entry pad is much simpler than changing your locks. Pick a new code and only share it with your immediate family.


It’s not just for doors.

Keyless entry is not just for your front or back door. If you have a safe or vault but don’t want to add a key to your keyring, keyless entry works for that, too. For added security, high-security options and audit trail capabilities are also available.

locksmith methuen ma

Lose your keys, call your locksmith in Methuen, MA, today!

If you or your family are prone to losing your keys, Hayden Safe & Lock has a keyless entry solution for you. As a locksmith in the Methuen, MA, area for over 100 years, we know a lot about security. We’ll help you choose the perfect lock and security setup for your home.


For keyless entry, new locks, and all other locksmithing needs, contact Hayden Safe & Lock at 978-744-0988 today!

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