Locked Out of Your Car? Call a Locksmith!

With so many modern vehicles using remotes to lock and unlock your car, you might think the days of locking your keys in the car are over. While it is difficult to lock yourself out of a newer vehicle, it’s not impossible, as we well know being a locksmith in Lawrence, MA. Our team at Hayden Safe & Lock still gets called out to get folks into their cars when they’ve locked themselves out.

Here are some of the solutions we use when you call a locksmith in Lawrence, MA, to get you back into your car.


Broken Key

If you have an older car that you physically unlock with the key, the key can break off on the lock. It might seem like a very difficult thing to do, but if your key is stuck and you turn it just a little too hard in the wrong direction, it can snap. If that happens, a locksmith will use a set of broken key extractor tools to remove the pieces from the lock. Then, if you have the spare, you can unlock the car. If you do not have a spare, the locksmith can cut a new one.


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Keys Locked in the Car

We’ve all done it. You shut the car door, and as soon as it goes thunk, you realize that you’ve locked the keys in the car. There are a couple of tools locksmiths use to unlock your car in this situation. There is the classic Slim Jim, which is a long, thin strip of metal that they insert between the weather stripping and the window to manipulate the mechanism inside the door to unlock it.

However, Slim Jims do not work with the mechanisms inside cars made after the late 1980s. In that case, a locksmith might use a multi-car opening tool (MCOT). An MCOT looks a bit like a long antenna bent into shapes. A locksmith can use this tool to navigate through the mechanisms inside the car door and open the lock.


Dead Key Fob Battery

Modern cars open with key fobs, but if the battery dies, can be stranded. Newer cars will warn you when the battery is low, but not all models are so sophisticated. If you get locked out of your car because of a dead key fob, there are a few possible solutions. Sometimes there is a physical key override, but not always. In that case, a locksmith can reprogram the keyless entry system to let you into the car.


Locked out? Don’t worry, Hayden Safe & Lock has you covered when you need a locksmith in Lawrence, MA, for any reason.

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