Keyless Myths Revealed

In a world of continuous evolution, technology is no exception.  With new cutting-edge products being developed, everyday consumers may sometimes feel overwhelmed, especially when it concerns their safety.  As a premier locksmith in Lynn, MA, the team at Hayden Safe and Lock is here to help clarify common myths relating to keyless entry systems.


If the power goes out, so does your security system.

Although this may have been a true statement in the past, the innovations of today ensure your home stays protected and accessible.  With a variety of keyless options available, the choice is up to the home or business owner on how to protect their structure in the situation of a power loss.  For example, many locks still incorporate the use of backup battery power or backup key to ensure entry. 


An old fashioned key is more reliable.

With a key, you can almost always guarantee entry.  However, locks have been known to malfunction and keys to break. Standing outside in the dark, or during a storm, fumbling with a lock and key can cause may unnecessary stresses.  Beyond that, how many of us can admit to never have lost a key? With anything, there is risk involved.  However, a keyless entry system provides users a way of entry backed by a separate method should the unexpected occur.


If you forget the combination, you’re out of luck.

One thing is for sure; we forget things.  Some of us more often than not, but it happens! That is why the innovators of today’s keyless locking systems have prepared for the worst.  If by chance, you can’t remember your entry code, you can still gain access by your backup means of entry.  Once inside the company, or your local locksmith can assist you with reprogramming the code.


It’s easy for anyone to figure out the code for entry.

Unless you’re standing out in the open typing in your entry code for anyone to view, it’s not as easy as you think.  Many systems are manufactured with a fingerprint-resistant screen that is also resistant to wear.  Thus, the worries of worn-out keys or fingerprints on the screen are eliminated.  Furthermore, a six-digit passcode has one million possible combinations versus a four-digit code that allows for ten thousand combinations.  Either way, it would take some time for a burglar to figure out the access code.



For more information on state-of-the-art keyless entry systems, contact Hayden Safe and Lock.  As a premier locksmith in Lynn, MA, we have been helping our customers stay safe for decades.  Call us today to schedule your consultation at (978) 744-0988.

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