Is Antique Lock Repair Worth the Effort?

There’s something to be said about antique lock repair. Often, these types of locks have solid foundations and, yes, are worth the time and effort! However, working with this type of lock can be complicated, which leads to frustration and lock replacement. Because antique locks are diverse, there are a lot of surprises that come with repairing them. With these helpful guidelines, you can step back and better understand what’s going on with your lock – or, of course, you can always give our team at Hayden Safe & Lock a call too!


Inspect the condition of your door

Believe it or not, most doors will pass before the lock. If you’re dealing with an antique lock attached to an old entryway, chances are the problem lies within the door, not the lock. Rot, lost screws, and shifting is all common scenarios with older doors that lead to compromise within the locking system.


Is there rust?

As you probably already know, over time, metal rusts. Rust is a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen in the presence of moisture or water and will quickly clog any antique lock. If your lock has completely stopped working or is harder to turn, rust will cause a myriad of internal issues. Regardless of the care given to maintaining your antique locks, rust will happen.

Luckily, with a little elbow grease and patience, rust is removable. Contacting your local locksmith is generally the best practice as the process of removing rust is extensive. Soaking components, gently scrubbing without compromising delicate pieces, and polishing to prevent the rust from returning are all necessary steps.


How are the components holding up?

Antique locks are like anything else – the older they are, the more apt they are to fall apart. It happens! However, with the help of industry professionals, many of these locks can be dismantled and rebuilt. These locks are pieces of history; with a little TLC, they’ll provide a solid solution for several more decades to come.


While antique lock repair is a viable option in many cases, lock replacement may sometimes be the better option. If this situation applies to you, be sure to call our team at Hayden Safe and Lock. Our team has the industry experience to provide you with the most reliable, honest insights into the best replacement option for your needs.

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