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So, you’re looking to invest in a safe to keep your documents and valuables safe from fires or burglars. Totally understandable! It’s a great way to make sure your things are protected. But you’re probably worried about whether or not you can find a reliable safe that can last. Also understandable! That’s why Hayden Safe & Lock is here to help. We offer expert advice and can help you choose the suitable model safe for you and your family. Here are a few tips.


Fire Resistance 


Whether you live in an apartment or home, fire danger is still a real threat. Safes are rated on how long they can withstand heat without the interior reaching high or a specific temperature. For example, a safe rated to protect documents shouldn’t reach higher than 350 degrees inside, or the documents could become damaged.


Depending on the valuables you wish to keep inside, the temperature ratings may need to be higher or lower. Most often, safes can withstand about 30 minutes of fire. Usually, this is sufficient for most homes because of how fires move throughout the home regions.


Theft Protection


Most safes don’t offer ratings for protection against burglaries or theft. But safes can help prevent some of your valuables from being stolen! If someone is breaking into an apartment or home, they’re likely going to pick up small carriable items that are worth quick cash. For example, cameras, jewelry, or other small electronics like media players.


But safes are heavy. Even if you invest in a small safe, it’s likely to weigh around 75 to 100 pounds. That’s a little too heavy for most people to pick up quickly! Thus, it can be a deterrent to thieves. Plus, many larger safes can come with bolt kits to attach them to the floor. No way that safe will be leaving the basement or garage!


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Reliable Safes – You’ve Got Options


There’s no better place than our showroom at Hayden Safe & Lock when it comes to finding and choosing reliable safes. From small documents and valuable safes to large gun safes, we have it all.


We’re more than happy to apply our century’s worth of knowledge to help solve your problems. In addition to vault and safe services, we also offer traditional locksmith services, high-security installations, and mobile services. Call us today to learn more at 978-744-0988.


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