History of North Shore Locksmiths

Today, North Shore locksmiths are becoming more and more like technical wizards. As technology works its way into our lives, we need to adapt and become more knowledgeable on how various forms of locks work. But, of course, it wasn’t always like that. Read on to learn more about how locksmiths evolved into the professionals we know today.


Where It All Began

By definition, locksmithing began as the art of “making and defeating locks.” It makes sense right? The better locksmiths are those who can design impenetrable locks, but also those who have no problem opening them as well. The term actually stems from blacksmith – one who works with metal and steel. These workers began to specialize in locks, and locksmithing became a more recognized profession.


Changing Times

In the 1930’s, lock configurations began to change as a result of increasing crime. This spike led to more sophisticated safety measures. As locksmiths adapted to this shift, they became somewhat experts in security and engineering locks that we’re more difficult to pick. It changed the job requirements from simple manufacturing to altering and improving the designs.

When World War II started, lock design stalled a little. Many locksmiths were drafted into the war, and demand for locks skyrocketed. This combination left locksmiths scrambling to build enough to meet the increased demand, which prevented them from devoting time to improvements.



Today, the scope of locksmithing has changed to include not only manufacturing, but engineering and problem assessment as well. They must be able to assess the potential for a break in, and adjust their locking procedures to reflect this.

Whether you’re using a sophisticated safe or keyless entry for your home, North Shore locksmiths are equipped with decades of knowledge to ensure your security. When you choose a professionally trained locksmith here at Hayden Safe & Lock, you can be feel protected. Call us at (978) 744-0988 to learn more about our safes and locksmiths.

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