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Humans have been looking for ways to keep their belongings safe from others since the beginning of civilization. People worldwide develop and accrue possessions over time, making sense that they want to keep their valuables safe. Your local locksmith in Lynn, MA, Hayden Safe & Lock, is here to help you with the earliest lock to modern technology. No matter the issue or time of day, we can help make sure your personal belongings are safe and secure. Now, let’s talk history!


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Earliest Locks



Some of the earliest locks were made from materials like rope! Sound unreliable? Well, kind of. These early locks were more of a type of detection system. For example, the person would tie knots in rope or twine and use that to detect if someone tried to open the storage area. Most often, people used bars and latches to keep doors and gates shut. But, as technology advanced, locks as we know them today started to develop. Unsurprisingly, the earliest locks were made from wood and metal.


Mechanical Locks



The original mechanical lock is thought to have been invented in Ancient Egypt. The first locksmith created a pin-tumbler lock made from wood! The wood lock consisted of a pole attached to the desired door. Then, there was a bolt that slid horizontally into the post. The bolt had an opening filled with pins. These pins were designed to fit large wood keys that would disperse the pins so the bolt could be removed.


As time progressed, locks started to improve but were generally seen as insecure. The Romans began to transform the lock, so they were more durable. For the first time, they could withstand heavy, physical attacks! By the middle ages, locks became increasingly ornate in design and function. For example, imagine fake keyholes and heavily detailed designs just because they could!



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