4 Signs Indicating Locksmith Fraud


As trusted, professional locksmiths, one of the most frustrating and disheartening things we face, is seeing customers scammed. Unfortunately, many people are pretending to be a licensed locksmith in MA, but instead the trusting are left in unfortunate situations. From lost money to stolen belongings, the consequences of locksmith fraud are devastating.

Our team at Hayden Safe & Lock wants to help people understand the top four red flags when facing potential fraud situations. In this article, we’re providing you with those signs to always bear in mind when dealing with a “locksmith” that you may not be familiar with.


1.) Upfront Payment

No matter what the industry, one of the biggest scams comes from asking for upfront payments or deposits. Unfortunately, in nine out of ten of these cases, the “worker” will take the money and run. Left with nothing but lost money that generally can’t be recovered, this is sometimes one of the worst scams.

Remember, if someone asks for payment upfront, don’t give it to them. They should perform all necessary services before requesting any payment, period.


2.) Lack of Credentials

Asking for credentials is one of the best ways to protect yourself from scammers from the beginning. A certified locksmith in MA should have all the necessary accreditation. If they’re not able to provide definitive answers or experience, they’re not worth your time or energy and may not be capable of performing services – that is, if they’re not trying to scam you, of course!


3.) No Sign of Company Ties

If you’ve hired a company to perform services within your home, they should arrive in a professional marked vehicle. If there is no indication of employment, or certifications on the vehicle, clothing, or other items, they may not be the person you’re expecting. Always beware and make sure to ask questions before allowing them into your home or business.


4.) Untrustworthy Behavior

Of course, the biggest indicator of someone being up to no good is behavior. If they’re acting strange or reluctant to perform what they need to, they just may be looking to enter your home, get what they need, and leave. Always trust your instinct. If something feels off, chances are, it is.



At Hayden Safe & Lock, we’ve become the trusted go-to locksmith in MA for decades. Because of our dedication, passion, and honesty, we hope to keep our customers informed on all levels.

Next time you’re in need of locksmith services, contact a company you can trust. Call Hayden Lock at (978)-744-0988 and see what we can do for you today!


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