Do You Need Antique Lock Repair?

When it comes to antique lock repair, turning to a specialist is a must. By doing so, you can be confident that the job is done correctly. Trying to fix it yourself or handing the job over to someone unqualified often leads to further damage. Or, in some instances, the lock is rendered unusable. To ensure your old lock is restored to all its glory, stop by Hayden Safe & Lock to talk to an antique lock repair specialist.


What Makes Antique Locks Special?

We’re glad you asked! Antique locks can sometimes be tricky because they were likely made before any standardization processes were in place. Therefore, each lock and key is unique and most likely handmade. Attempting to repair the lock using traditional or standard methods generally doesn’t work. Antique lock repair specialists understand that each lock is different and will take special care to determine the current actions.


Why Can’t I Replace It With Something Newer?

Well, of course, you could switch out the antique lock with something newer. But just because it needs a little TLC doesn’t mean it’s useless. Older security systems can be just as effective as today’s high tech systems, as long as they are kept in good shape. If you’re looking to repair your lock, you likely need to replace the door first. You can keep the older lock and have it installed on the new door. Just make sure you cut the hole properly. Antique locks are unique and made by hand, so standard holes might not fit an older lock.


Is the Problem Aesthetic or Functional?

Determining what kind of problem you are facing is the first step to solving it. Both aesthetic and functional issues are work for an antique lock repair specialist, like those here at Hayden Safe & Lock, but the root cause helps guide the specialist on where to begin. Rust, mechanical trouble, and breaks or cracks are typically the most significant problems you’ll face with these kinds of security measures.

Regardless if you want to repair or replace an antique lock, our expert staff are the ones to talk to. We work diligently to deliver quality antique lock repair and work with you on reinstalling the piece or replacing it with a newer model.

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