What to Consider Before Installing Locks

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5 Items to Consider Before Buying New Locks

As the most trusted locksmith in Wakefield, MA, our team understands common concerns when shopping for new locks. Taking the time to shop around for a system that meets your needs can be time consuming and overwhelming. However, keeping your family and belongings safe has no limit on time.

With so many options available, choosing the right locks comes down to considering several different factors. Here at Hayden Safe & Lock, our team wants you to have peace of mind not only in the product you choose but the protection that it provides. In this article, we’re offering a few strong ping points to consider when embarking on your new home security system.


Door Size

Contrary to popular belief, door locks are not a one size fits all solution. Thus, by having your door measurements handy, you can start on the right foot. For example, unless a system can cover your entire door, it is not going to be very effective or broad. Knowing the size of your door will also determine what materials are needed for installation and build.



As consumers, we all know that some brands are better than others. Taking the time to research brands before purchasing is a must.. Not only will research help you narrow down which locks and hardware will work best, but also discover which are currently favored by homeowners and security technicians alike. Reliability is an unwavering property when it comes to your home, and your most honest reviews can be found through word of mouth and online.



This category is a significant one. Thinking about what you want entirely protected and what can afford to stay in the open is a great starting point. For instance, you may begin your journey thinking you need the biggest and most advanced locking system on the market. However, after placing things into perspective, you may be able to downsize. Finding the right coverage for your needs will help make the experience more beneficial for your budget.



Which leads us into the next category, your budget. Every homeowner has one, and it’s crucial to stick to your budget no matter what enticement crosses your path. Before beginning the shopping process, figure out the dollar range that works for you and stick to it.


The Extras

If you are purchasing a new system, there just may be additional services like additional locks or safes you could install on your living space. Sometimes, they are not completely useful for everyone, and it is up to you whether you need them or not.


With these helpful starting points, your journey should be less stressful and more successful! For more industry tips and helpful advice, contact your trusted locksmith in Wakefield, MA, Hayden Safe & Lock. For decades we’ve provided both residential and commercial customers with only the most honest advice and superior products. Contact us today for more information (978)-744-0988!


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