There is one element between your family and the outdoors, your door. As the one way in and one way out, your door needs to be fitted with a high-quality lock that provides reliability and strength against intruders. As a trusted Medeco dealer, our team at Hayden Safe & Lock knows the ins and outs of what makes a good lock.
However, many homeowners find it easier to make a trip to the local hardware store when their locks need replacement. Sure, we understand this is convenient, but it may not prove to be the safest option. In this article, we’re taking a look at a few factors to keep in mind if trying to choose a lock on your own.

Decide on your budget

One of the first factors of any purchase is determining your budget. However, there are certain items where frills are a want versus a need, and others that are worth every penny spent. Locks fall into the latter. Although a high-security lock from Medeco might seem expensive, you have to consider the purpose of the lock. As the one element protecting your home – remember you get what you pay for is key.


Technology isn’t a solve all

Although the newest technologies offer advanced security, sometimes they’re not the best solution for your situation. First, you need to consider your door and frame. If you have a cracked or thin framework, spending money on a new fancy lock won’t solve your security problems. Start with securing or replacing the backbones first.


Understand the different types of door locks

Most locks can be separated into one of three categories: conventional, smart locks, or retrofit smart locks.

• Conventional

There’s nothing fancy about a conventional lock, but they offer a wide-range of security features. From a high-end, drillproof model to inexpensive deadbolts, most conventional locks are single cylinder.

• Smart Locks

Similar in function to a conventional lock, smart locks offer more frills. From remote to voice activation, homeowners need to consider what is important.

• Retrofit Smart Locks

This type of lock offers all the functionalities of a standard lock but doesn’t require a full replacement of your current deadlock. Instead, retrofit smart locks are installed on the interior of the door only.



Although these are just a few of the considerations when choosing a new lock, there are several others as well. To be certain you’re making the right choice, contact your trusted Medeco dealer, Hayden Safe & Lock.
Our team of experts has decades of experience and will provide you with an honest recommendation on which lock is best for your needs and budget. Contact us today for more information (978) 744-0988.

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