Antique Master Locks are One Of Our Favorites!

As technology evolves and time moves on, more and more consumers look for the most innovative and hi-tech options. Still, there’s something to say about tried and true products – such as antique master locks. When considering an antique lock, these items show how fast technology moves and impacts the world around us.

Even with society gravitating towards the hottest technologies, our team at Hayden Safe & Lock is just as happy to work with antique master locks! As lock experts, it’s our job to be well-versed in every type of system, regardless of the age or style. Because of our dedication, we carry the necessary hardware to service all variations of keys. Not just what’s hot on the market right now. With over 1,800 pieces in our facility, we’re bound to find what you’re looking for and then some.


We work with keys and locks from the past and present day.


Specializing in a variety of key services, including cutting, installation, and, of course, providing hardware, we keep our customers safe no matter the need. At Hayden Safe & Lock, we will not leave those who prefer traditional technology behind. Our inventory, paired with our expertise, ensures that people who own old keys or antique master locks get the fixes they need. Our dediation provides peace of mind that your system is top-notch. However, sometimes taking the time to assess the lock’s current condition is in order. Often, antique locks, like anything else, fall apart with age. Be sure to check out our previous article on assessing the value of repairing an older locking system.

If you happen to own an older key system that you could a little TLC, feel free to contact us. Hayden Safe & Lock has collaborated with a myriad of locks and lock systems in the past, from old models to the most in-demand at the moment.


antique lock repair

For over one hundred years, we’ve proudly served the Southern NH and Massachusetts regions with superior locksmithing services. For more information on how we can assist with your antique master locks and keys, contact Hayden Safe & Lock today at (978) 744-0988.





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