Old Car Lock Troubles? We Got You.

If we’ve learned anything over the many years as the number one locksmith in Lynn, MA, it is that there is a never-ending supply of locking mechanisms out there. Each of these systems is unique. From the newest biometric technologies to antique locks, we never know what we’ll be up against when we get the phone call for help – especially with older vehicles.

At Hayden Safe and Lock, we love a challenge almost as much as we love our customers! So, if you find yourself in a bind with a lost key or other concerns with your antique vehicle, have peace of mind that our team is here to help.


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The cons of old cars and keys.

Today’s automotive world offers some of the finest technologies when it comes to security. From keyless to other built-in features, these advances are often hard to duplicate, which leads us to our next point. As much as we don’t want to think about it, old vehicle locks aren’t the best. In fact, these locks are some of the easiest to pick.

While this fact makes our job a bit easier should you lock yourself out of your vehicle, as an owner, it’s not an ideal situation. Beyond the number one concern of vehicle theft, older vehicle keys also have twins. Even better news, we agree! For example, did you know that Honda has around 3.500 different key combinations? Now consider the number of Hondas on the road and do the math. Scary thought.

Furthermore, the gold key in hand system wears down over time. Each time the key is inserted into the door and ignition, the tiniest bit of wear occurs. From bent keys to missing teeth, key duplication is a term most older vehicle owners are familiar with.


Boosting your vehicle security.

Now that you’re in the know of the cons, it’s time to look at boosting security measures. Depending on the age and look of your car, this journey can take you in many directions. For this example, let’s assume you have an antique car and want to keep the vintage appearance and feel. With a call to your local locksmith, a trained professional can upgrade the internal cylinders to the door and ignition locks, making them a more secure element.


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