Common Mistakes to Avoid With Your Locks

Everyone knows that locks are a necessary element, but what about the fine details? That’s a whole new ball game. It can be hard to understand how locks work, what’s required to maintain them, and so on. Worry not, as a premier North Shore locksmith, the team of Hayden Safe & Lock are here to provide the vital information about lock mistakes, and how you can avoid them in the future!


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Buying Too Big or Too Small

Locks are an item that must be exact. Think about it: you wouldn’t buy a window that doesn’t completely fit the frame of your room would you? A lock must be thought of the same way. Instead of “guesstimating,” take exact measurements on your door so the lock you purchase fits precisely into place.  


Going Full DIY

Some things are okay to do on your own – mowing your lawn, purchasing your groceries; you get the idea. However, with something as delicate as locks, it is always better to have professionals assess, install, and repair them. If you’re maintaining a lock or adding a simple piece to it, that’s fine. Leave the more extensive jobs to your North Shore locksmith.  This will ensure the utmost safety for your home or building.


Replacing Them Too Early

People often think it’s time to replace their locks because the key is starting to give them trouble. While it may seem like the lock is at fault, this common occurrence is actually an indication that your key needs to be replaced. If you stop to think of a day in the life of your keys, you’ll quickly realize that they take a beating day in and day out.  So, sure they’re going to complain every once in awhile!  


Lack of Maintenance

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to forget out the little elements that need TLC.  For instance, your locks.  What most homeowner overlook is the fact that locks should receive routine cleaning.  This will help keep them operating at their optimal performance and safety levels.  


For more tips on ensuring the longevity of your locks, contact the team at Hayden Safe and Lock.  We can provide you with the expertise from a North Shore locksmith that you can trust.  Call us today at 978.744.0988 and be confident that your locks are operating like they were meant to!

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