Fraud Prevention: 3 Tips From Your MA Locksmith

At Hayden Safe & Lock, we take pride in being the most honest and reliable MA locksmiths in the North Shore region. Unfortunately, though, plenty of opportunistic people prey on customers needing lock repair or replacement. It’s all too common for some to impersonate certified locksmiths, gain access to a property, and, consequently, the belongings within.

You can avert disaster before it starts. With these helpful tips, you will be in the know about a few of the most common locksmith red flags.


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1.) Know the signs of a red flag.

Be aware! By observing someone’s behavior, you can notice when something may be “off.” For example, if the person is claiming to be a locksmith but has no official documentation that they work with a company, wants an upfront cash payment, or is acting in a way that makes you uneasy, the red flag has been raised.

Knowing the most common signs helps keep you aware and protected from a potential scam or loss.



2.) Read unbiased reviews.

If a company has wronged a customer, we can almost guarantee there’s an online review telling the world about it. Thanks to social media’s popularity, it’s easier than ever to provide feedback about companies – good, bad, or indifferent.

Before you settle on a company, do a little research and see what you can find online. If people are singing praises, you’re most likely in good hands that have your best interest first.


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3.) Ask about their qualifications.

Any MA locksmith should carry plenty of identification. From arriving in a company vehicle to uniform, paperwork, and photo ID, keep your door closed if there is no clear association. However, choosing the best company also means research who is running the place! A reputable locksmith should provide proof of certification and business practices that are good enough to keep their business afloat.

If you notice little to no certification or mention of skills from the company you want to contact, they are probably not experienced enough to give you quality service. Or, they could be frauds.



Locksmith fraud is disheartening and affects far too many people. As professional locksmiths in the North Shore, we always keep customers in the loop by spreading industry knowledge. If you need professional MA locksmith service, contact Hayden Safe & Lock for reliable service you can trust.

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