A Medeco Dealer Takes a Look at the CLIQ System

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A few weeks ago, Medeco introduced a new cylinder for their CLIQ Intelligent Key System. As a Medeco dealer and experienced locksmiths, we were pretty excited about this addition at Hayden Safe & Lock. In addition to being a leading name in locks and security, Medeco is taking smart locks to a new level with CLIQ. They combine electronic locking and Bluetooth capabilities with traditional mechanical locks. This added security, plus a host of other features, makes Medeco an excellent choice for high-security locks.

We’re going to take a look at the features that make this Medeco dealer recommend CLIQ.


Accountability and Scheduling

Even if your business uses keys, you still want to know who is coming and going. With traditional mechanical locks, you have no way of knowing who accessed the building. And if keys are ever lost or stolen, that is an added security risk. Using a CLIQ Intelligent Key System eliminates these risks. Because the locks and keys are both electronic and mechanical, the system can log which keys were used to access the building. Both the lock and key record the time and date of every access event, including authorized and unauthorized attempts.

Speaking of authorized and unauthorized attempts, you can schedule who is allowed to access your building when. You can create Access Profiles with flexible scheduling. When an opening is added or removed, the schedule is automatically updated to grant or revoke access to the relevant keyholder. If keys are lost or stolen or an employee leaves the company, you can easily remove their profile from the list of authorized keyholders. Your Medeco dealer who installs the system will give you a comprehensive list of all the CLIQ system’s security features.


Keep Existing Hardware

You would expect a state-of-the-art key and lock system to come with a hefty price tag. While any honest Medeco dealer will admit that these systems are not cheap, they’re not bank-breaking. A big reason CLIQ is not as expensive as you’d think is that it installs into existing hardware. The intelligent key provides the power to the cylinder, so there is no need for any hardwiring or to install a power supply. A CLIQ cylinder can fit into most existing locks, so it is not necessary to install all-new hardware.

CLIQ from Your MA Medeco Dealer

If you’re looking to upgrade your business’ security while staying within a budget, a Medeco CLIQ system may be the answer. Hayden Safe & Lock is a Medeco dealer and authorized locksmith. Contact us today at (978) 744-0988 for more information on the Medeco CLIQ Intelligent Key System.

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