5 Tips On Protecting Your Home While You’re Away

While many of us remain at home during the pandemic, others are out and about. Whether you are traveling to or from work or across country to visit family, protecting your home is always a must. However, as the oldest locksmith in Methuen, MA, our team at Hayden Safe and Lock is often surprised at what homeowners overlook.
Here, we are presenting you with five tasks to help ensure the utmost protection for your home while you are away.


Invest in a reliable safe

No matter what the circumstance may be, investing in a reliable safe is one of the best moves a homeowner can make. Consider a safe that is not easily moved and provides fire-resistance for the best protection. When traveling, it is always best to keep valuables and identity information behind lock and key.


Set ‘activity timers’ throughout your home

Often, targeted homes are sought out. A burglar will watch before attempting a break-in, so be a step ahead. Again, whether you are gone for the day or away on vacation for a week, setting up timers throughout your house may help to deter unwanted visitors.

Consider utilizing such means not only on lights but televisions and other devices that create noise. However, once you are set to go – remember to change up the routine occasionally. A light that turns on at 5:01 everyday is noticeably on a timer.


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Plan ahead for your incoming mail and packages

If your absence is extended, be sure to have your mail stopped and held at the post office. Likewise, you will want to reach out to trusted family, friends, or neighbors to collect any deliveries that may arrive while you are gone. Piled up mail and unattended packages are one of the biggest red flags for an empty home.


Lawn care is a must

Chances are, mowing your lawn is the last thing on your mind before heading off to vacation. However, this is a must. An overgrown, unkept lawn is just as loud as piled up mail. Be sure to set some time aside to cut the grass a bit lower or schedule snow removal before you go.


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Contact your trusted locksmith in Methuen, MA

By contacting your trusted locksmith in Methuen, MA, like our team at Hayden Safe and Lock, you can have peace of mind that your locks are up to par. Our experts will happily inspect and suggest needed repairs or upgrades. Such recommendations will help keep your home protected from unwanted visitors!


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