3 Tips to Keep Your Car Secure

We’ve given you plenty of advice about keeping your home or commercial property secure, but what about your car? If you’re one of those people who “live in their car,” you think of your car as an extension of your home. At Hayden Safe & Lock, your safety and security are our priority, whether it’s your home, business, or vehicle. As a locksmith in Danvers, MA, that also offers automotive services, you can trust us to help you keep your car safe and secure.


Here are a few tips from a Danvers, MA, locksmith to keep your car secure.


Take Common Sense Measures

You can do a lot to make your car more safe and secure by taking a few basic precautions. First, always lock your car, even if you’re parked in your own driveway or neighborhood. You won’t always have your car in sight when you’re at home, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should also be careful where you store your keys. It may be convenient to keep them by the front door, but that’s not the most secure location. Find somewhere to keep your keys that is not easily accessible. Another simple safety measure is to always engage your car alarm. If your car does not have an alarm, your Danvers, MA, locksmith can install one for you.


Be Careful Where You Park

You often have to park in public areas, so be careful when choosing your parking spot. If you are out at night, choose a well-lit area where someone tampering with your vehicle is likely to be seen. It’s also safer when you’re returning to your car. Before you lock your car and walk away, conceal any valuables that you are not taking with you. Place them in the trunk or glove compartment, or cover them with a blanket or jacket. Thieves are looking for an easy mark, so if there is nothing of value in plain view, they are less likely to break into your car.


Take Extra Precautions

To be extra cautious, there are some extra steps you can take to secure your vehicle, especially if you live in a high-crime area. You can use a steering wheel lock to prevent anyone from driving away with your car, even if they do break into it. You can also mark various parts of your car with your VIN (vehicle identification number). This makes it harder for thieves to sell or dispose of stolen parts.

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