Lock Misconceptions

We are all well aware of the functions and appearances of locks. They secure valuables, close entry points, and keep property safe. Still, there is plenty of information that people do not know about locks, despite how often we see them every day. Hayden Safe & Lock knows the value of facts, and we are here to settle a few misconceptions about locks or lock ownership so you become more conscious – and keep items safe in the process!

  • Key Not Working? Time For A New Lock
    Of course, locks are not impenetrable. They are bound to age, break, or otherwise falter at some point. However, many people jump to conclusions and do not give locks their full credit. Locks are quite resilient, and more often than not, your key is the problem. If you find yourself constantly turning your key, or jiggling it a lot, your key needs to get replaced.
  • Locks Are All Similar In Businesses
    Schools, hospitals, and banks are just a few of the commercial spaces that utilize locks. Since they are large, uniform structures, it is easy to assume that once you have one combination or key, you have universal access. This is simply not the case: each door is unique, and during installation locksmiths will fit each door with a different lock.
  • I Don’t Even Need One
    Yes, you do. Even in the safest neighborhoods, your items are not guaranteed protection unless you take the proper measures to install the locks and additional security pieces you need. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and having a lock is a crucial security measure you cannot underestimate.
  • A Lock Will Deter Burglars
    While locks are effective and do their job when installed right, they cannot block a stubborn mind. Desperate burglars will not stop if they are already taking a chance, so be sure to invest in the best quality locks possible and make sure they are preventative enough to wear robbers down when they try to enter your living space.

Now that you are aware of these misconceptions about locks, hopefully you can keep your living space even safer. If you require locksmith services with unparalleled professionalism, call us at Hayden Safe & Lock at (978)-744-0988!

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