The Most Common Lock Misconceptions

Almost certainly, you’re aware of the functions and benefits that locks provide to both your home and business. Reliable safes and locks help to secure valuables, close entry points, and keep your family and property safe. Still, there’s plenty of information that people don’t realize about locks, despite how often we come in contact with them each day. Here at Hayden Safe & Lock, we know the value of facts, and we’re here to settle a few misconceptions about locks and ownership to help you become more conscious.


Key not working? It’s time for a new lock

Of course, locks are not impenetrable; they are bound to age, break, or otherwise falter at some point. However, many people jump to conclusions and don’t give locks the credit that’s due. Both reliable safes and locks are quite resilient, and more often than not, your key is the problem. If you find yourself struggling with your lock, pay attention to your key.  Frequent jiggling or stick is a sure sign that key replacement is due.  Besides, replacing your key is a much cheaper and easier solution!


Reliable safes and locks are similar between a company

Schools, hospitals, and high-tech companies are just a few of the industries utilizing premier locking systems. Since they are large, uniform structures, it’s easy to assume that once you have one combination or key, you have universal access to the building. However, this is not the case.  Each door is unique and so is the locking system.  During installation, professional locksmiths will take the time to ensure each door is fit differently for optimal security.


Standard locks are fine for my home

We hate to say it, but our team begs to differ.  Even in the safest neighborhoods, your personal items are not guaranteed protection unless you’ve taken proper measures.  To begin, you’ll want to change out the locks anytime you move into a new home.  Not only will this provide peace of mind that you have the only working key, but you’ll know your family is protected.  Staying up to date with the latest technologies is what our team does best, and we’re here to offer you the best of the best!


A lock deters burglars

While locks are effective and do their job when installed correctly, they can’t block a stubborn mind. Desperate burglars will not stop if they are already taking a chance.  By investing in the best quality locks possible, you’re protecting your most valuable belongings.


Now that you are aware of these misconceptions about locks, we’re here to help make your home a safer place. From exteriors to reliable safes inside the home, the team at Hayden Safe & Lock can help.  Contact us today at (978)-744-0988 for more information.

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