Four Things That Indicate Locksmith Fraud

Master LocksmithsAs trusted, professional locksmiths, one of the most frustrating and disheartening things we face is seeing customers get scammed. There are people out there who pretend to be a locksmith in MA and instead steal money or goods from customers’ homes. It’s unfair, and Hayden Safe & Lock wants to help our clients understand what to observe. So, when you’re dealing with a “locksmith,” bear these warning signs in mind before they give you any business or enter your home.



1.) Upfront Payment

Most of these characters like to receive their entire payment and go. They don’t care about follow-up, and just want to make some cash with little to no effort. If they ask for your payment upfront, don’t give it to them. They should perform all necessary services before requesting any payment, period.


2.) Lack of Credentials

Ask about whatever credentials the person(s) you hired has. A certified locksmith in MA should have all necessary accreditation. If they’re not able to provide definitive answers or experience, they’re not worth your time or energy and may not be capable of performing services – that is, if they’re not trying to scam you, of course!


3.) No Sign of Company Ties

If someone’s coming over to do work on your home, they should have a professional vehicle at their disposal from their employer. If you don’t see any indication of employment or certification on their vehicle, clothing, or other items, they may not be a professional. Beware, and make sure you ask about any qualifiers or experience before you move forward.


4.) Untrustworthy Behavior

Of course, the biggest indicator of someone being up to no good is behavior. If they’re acting strange or reluctant to perform what they need to, they just may be looking to enter your home, get what they need, and leave. They should behave professionally and courteously.



Locksmith fraud is a crucial thing to look for, and Hayden Safe & Lock wants our customers to stay safe. Watch out for these signs, and always call us for a professional locksmith in MA to do some work. Give us a call at (978)-744-0988 and see what we can do for you today!

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