3 Tips For Finding A Locksmith in Ipswich MA

Choosing a locksmith is a big deal. This is someone that you’re inviting into your environment and relying on keeping you and your belongings safe. So, how does one go about choosing the best locksmith in Ipswich, MA, when there are many options available?

In this article, we’re providing you with three solid steps to starting your locksmith journey.


Research the company

One of the first steps in knowing whether the company you’re considering is valid is to do your homework. A reputable company will be easily found online. Check their background, how long they’ve been in business, are they licensed and insured, how about references and reviews?

There are many paths to investigate before signing on a locksmith in Ipswich, MA. Some of the best come from word of mouth. Ask family, friends, and co-workers if they’ve heard of the company as well!



Ask for an estimate

Any trustworthy company will be happy to provide an upfront estimate. However, keep in mind this is an estimate. Don’t be afraid to inquire further about additional costs, where they may come from, and exactly how much “additional” may be. Although an exact price may not be obtainable – as this is an estimate – a reputable locksmith will be able to provide an honest and upfront cost.



Explore your options

The first choice isn’t always the best choice. And, when it comes to hiring a locksmith, you need to have confidence in your decision. Research and check out a few local companies, obtain quotes, and ask questions. These three simple steps will give you a good idea of the company and what to expect regarding the customer experience.



At Hayden Safe and Lock, we’ve proudly served the Massachusetts region for over one hundred years. Through excellence and honesty, we’ve become the most trusted locksmith in Ipswich, MA, and surrounding towns. However, we don’t want you to take our word for it, do your research!

When it’s done, give our team a call at (978) 744-0988 for service you can trust.



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