The Top 5 Worst Places to Hide Keys

As the oldest locksmith in Saugus, MA, our team at Hayden Safe and Lock has seen it all. From lost to broken keys there is nothing that surprises us anymore. Well, almost nothing. When it comes to home security, your key and locking mechanism is the one element keeping the outdoors out. However, many home and business owners continue to hide keys in outdoor locations, just in case.

In this article, we’re looking at the five worst places one could “hide” the key to their home.


In Fake Rocks

Possibly one of the highest-selling items on the market are secret rocks. These rocks look real, but when turned over, a sliding element opens way for a key compartment. Brilliant – or is it? Because of the popularity in this element, it is now one of the most apparent places to look for a key – especially if the rock looks fake.

If you do opt for this method, be sure to invest in a high-quality rock that blends well with your natural landscaping. Beyond looking fake, a rock randomly placed about the yard will stick out like a sore thumb.


Under Door Mats

The ultimate in hiding spots, the go-to for decades, the golden award winner – the doormat. Even those unfamiliar with the world of burglary know to check under the doormat. We have just a few words about this one – don’t do it.


Under a Flower Pot

Another go-to hiding spot is under planters near the front door. While this spot is very similar to the downfalls of the doormat, there is one difference. Lifting a flower pot filled with dirt takes a little more time and effort than a doormat. However, there are some that this location is the go-to. If this is you, consider burying the key within the soil for a bit more security.


On Door Frames

After the doormat comes the door and window frames. With a quick swipe to the top, any hidden objects will quickly fall, revealing their location and allowing entry into your home. Although it seems like an ideal spot, you’ll want to avoid the obvious.


Your mailbox

Even though your mailbox is a reasonable distance from your front door (in most cases), it’s another common location. Remember this – if you’ve thought of it, chances are, someone else has too. Besides, your mailbox is the hub of daily activity!


When it comes to keeping your family and belongings safe, consult your favorite locksmith in Saugus, MA, for professional ideas. From trusted neighbors to secure biometric solutions, Hayden Safe and Lock has the answers you need. You took the time to choose the best lock for your home, now it is time to protect it!

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