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As your trusted locksmith, the team at Hayden Safe and Lock would like to put aside traditional topics for a moment and focus on another aspect of home security. In today’s world, gun ownership is a very controversial topic. However, many homeowners choose to protect their home and their family by keeping a firearm in the house. Although this may make many people uncomfortable, with reliable safes, like those from AMSEC, you can have peace of mind that you family is protected from possible intruders, as well as the potential dangers of having a firearm in your home.


Who is Amsec

As one of the world’s best known provider of security solutions, AMSEC was founded in the late 1940s. Since the company has grown on a foundation of trust and reliability. Providing their customers with only the highest-quality security safes ensuring your family and belongings the safety they require.



AMSEC offers a variety of standard features making their safes the only burglary and fire-resistant gun safe on the market. With high-density fire-resistant composite material and steel fibers, you can be confident in the durability of your safe. Furthermore, AMSEC manufacturers their safes with reinforced drill-resistant doors eliminating any concerns of entry. The proprietary inner barrier protects against peeling.


Lock Options

Whether you prefer a numeric touchpad or dial lock with key backup, AMSEC has the solution you require. It’s imperative to be comfortable with the locking mechanism of your safe. Should you need quick access, you don’t want to be left standing and fiddling with a lock that may cause you added stress.



With state of the art accessories, you can take security to the next level. For instance, the addition of a dehumidifier will help guard your gun from rust, pitting, and other potential moisture damage. Another useful addition is LED lighting. This type of lighting comes with a built-in motion sensor to increase visibility in a possibly dark area.


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If you’re in the market for a reliable safe, contact the team at Hayden Safe and Lock. We will work with you and your needs to be sure you have the best, most reliable protection in your home. Call us today at (978) 744-0988 for more information.

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