Antique Lock Repair: How Do Skeleton Keys Work?

Do you have an old skeleton key door that needs the expertise of Hayden Safe & Lock’s antique lock repair? Well, many people are fascinated by and familiar with the iconic skeleton key. In pop culture, they are often symbols of good luck and success. But, let’s get into the history and how they work!



Why are they called skeleton keys?


The term “skeleton key” means that it has been reduced to only the essential parts. Which is to say, the serrated edge of a standard key is removed. This then allows the skeleton key to serve as a master key within a specific lock system. But, to most people, a skeleton key usually refers to any antique key with a long shaft and a flat extension at the bottom. 


Are all skeleton keys the same?


Despite being a master key, skeleton keys are not all the same! The size, width, and cut will be different because they are meant for specific lock systems. Also, these keys are only able to open level locks and certain types of warded locks. Typically, skeleton keys are found mainly by those looking for antique lock repair. Most often, locks that needed for old furniture, china cabinets, and in very old homes. 


Is antique lock repair worth it?


Of course! If you enjoy using a skeleton key within your home or for a place to store your keepsakes, antique lock repair is worth it. It may be hard to believe, but an antique lock is just as capable as a new lock system! But, to keep them in working condition, it’s best to have them repaired and restored by a professional. This way, you can be assured that your belongings will be secure.


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